Consensus has Launched in Vermont

Download the Consensus app to connect with local officials, provide your opinion, and improve Vermont.

Communicate Better

Join Consensus and Participate in Decision Making that Affects You

Consensus is expanding from its humble start in South Burlington to now include all of Vermont.

More Efficient Government
The Consensus platform analysis verified signals gathered from citizens in tight feedback cycles to help governments interpret sentiment as it evolves. This data increases understanding between government and citizens, and between citizens and each other.
As governments at all levels around the world make the transition to online services and eIDs to simplify government and citizen interaction, forward thinking governments are using this transition to introduce modern tools for engagement between electorate and elected.
Data Protection
Consensus only allows input from verified users of any jurisdiction to ensure data is accurate and can never be influenced by outside interests. Consensus anonymizes all citizen data at the source and never stores personally identifiable information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Consensus?
Consensus connects citizens with local governments. The Consensus platform accelerates government decision making through users verified, privacy first, real-time polls and surveys.
How does it work?
The Consensus platform combines a citizen Consensus mobile app and a government facing admin dashboard to ensure governments are aware of the needs and desires of their communities.
How do I participate?
Download the Consensus app from the App Store or Google Play, then create an account with your mobile number - your account will need to be verified before you will be able to participate.
Is Consensus available in my area?
Currently Consensus is only available in the state of Vermont.
How is my data and identity protected?
Consensus platform provides a trusted and anonymous way to participate in polls. Your identity is kept private on your device and only you control the data you share.

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